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weave wild studios

weaving earth connection, wild materials and creative expression into baskets and workshops in Brooktondale, NY.

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hi, I'm simone lackey.

 I find engaging with plants, gathering, processing and making things nourishing and fulfilling.  I relish in how the variety of the materials and techniques lends to such diversity of expression and function. For me, baskets are makers of metaphors, vessels of collection, and keepers of all that is woven into them. Basket making has woven itself into my healing journey, and healing weaves itself into my basketry work. Weave Wild Studios is a place I integrate my love and passion for baskets with my desire to gather with intention and create more peace within and around.


the land

Nestled in the rolling hills of the Finger Lakes,  Weave Wild Studios resides on land that was tended and occupied by Gayogo̱hó:nǫ' (Cayuga) people for many thousands of years.

There is a history of slavery and the freeing of the first slave in the county tied to the land.

And it has also held and healed me in my own personal journey of loss and transformation. 

Weaving acknowledgment of the past with space for exploration, compassion, grief and gratitude, the land and the classes at Weave Wild Studios are intended to create a container for healing and wellbeing.

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