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Basketry Classes

come spend the day outside, immersed in the season and working with natural materials

to create a beautiful and wild basket.

wild baskets series

An immersive dive into basket making through the seasons.

Our learning will cover reading the landscape for basketry materials, harvesting with gratitude, intention and awareness, processing and preparing plants into workable material and exploring different techniques of basket making.

We will create a collection of wild and beautiful baskets, deepening our connections to ourselves, the earth and each other.

Fourth Sunday, April-October, 2023

Sliding scale $500-700


Multi-Medium Basketry Workshop

Come have fun weaving and twining with a diverse array of materials that tell a story of many ecosystems and reflect the abundance of the natural world! We’ll work with cattails, dandelion stalks, roots, vines, bark and more to learn basic principles and techniques of harvesting and weaving and make a beautiful, wild basket! 

10- 4pm, June 17, 2023

Sliding scale $65-95

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